p3试机号码走势图 Together with clinicians, Direct Genomics is making genomics an affordable part of everyday patient care. The company’s GenoCare instrument is the first single molecule sequencing system for clinical use. That simplifies sequencing by directly reading individual DNA and RNA molecule information from customer’s blood or tissue samples, delivering significant improvements in cost and speed.


    Genocare enables ‘direct’ reading of raw, unmodified DNA in single molecules. It does not require ligation or PCR amplification, avoiding the GC-content and size biases and acquiring reads with both accurate sequence and precise quantification.


    GenoCare provides easy and smooth sequencing experience. Sample preparation is very simple because no DNA amplification is needed throughout the whole procedure, and the system operation is highly automatic.

  3. FAST

    As a kind of single molecule sequencer designed for clinical use, GenoCare conducts DNA sequencing and analyzing within a very short time. The sample-to-report process can be done within a day.


    GenoCare enables flexible sample sizes during a single run, providing independent channel for each sample.


    No additional PCR and library construction labs are required.


Clinical Practice

GenoCare sequencing offers advantages in various clinical applications including……

Specific Biological Research

GenoCare technology delivers a range of new biological analysis techniques……


Direct Genomics' unique single molecule direct sequencing technology can directly see, sequence and decode individual DNA molecules……


Nature Biotechnology Journal Reports on GenoCare System

5th February 2016

Targeted Sequencing for Cancer Gene

19th May 2016

Resequencing the E.coli genome by GenoCare System

13th July 2017
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